Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Note on Early Posting

As you may have noticed, I usually do posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I posted what should have been tomorrow's post today because I live in southern Ohio and we had a major ice storm last night . . . and have a bigger one (apparently complete with heavy rain, high wind, thunder, lightning and maybe space aliens) coming through tonight . . . so I'm not at all sure I'll have electricity at home.
There are already power outages in the area, and my suburb has a lot of big, old trees.
(My university is closed, my driveway is a sheet of ice and I'm home till this storm passes.)
So, being a diligent blogger, I decided to post this one early in case I'm offline tomorrow.
I hope you're not one of the 100 million people who are apparently affected by this storm. . . .

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